1st CME
Date        : 22nd May, 2010
Speaker  : Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud
Topic       : Acute Asthma: Management Update
Venue     : Holy Family red Crescent Medical                           College & Hospital
2nd CME
Date        : 31st July, 2010
Speaker  : Dr. Tasbirul Islam
Topic       : Interpretation of ABG
Venue     : United Hospital
3rd CME
Date        : 16th October, 2010
Speaker  : Dr. Md Sayedul Islam
Topic       : Management of Critically Ill Patients-                     sharing the experience
Venue     : Prince Party Center
4th CME
Date        : 4th December, 2010
Speaker  : Dr. Mohammaod Chisti
Dr. Nashaba Matin
Dr. Jonathan Smith
Topic      : Beyond Diarrhoea in the ICU
HIV & AIDS in the ICU
2010 Resuscitation Guidelines: What’s                    the evidence
Venue    : ICDDR,B
5th CME
Date        : 12th February, 2011
Speaker  : Dr. Raihan Rabbani
Topic       : Sepsis in ICU: Improving the outcome
Venue     : Square Hospital
6th CME
Date        : 30th July, 2011
Speaker  : Dr. Raghib Manzoor
Topic       : Airway patency and intubation efficiency
Venue     : Anwar Khan Modern Medical College and Hospital
7th CME
Date        : 13th October, 2011
Speaker  : Dr. Kaniz Fatema
Topic       : Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis: A                          new approach in RRT in ICU
Venue     : Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
8th CME
Date        : 2nd June, 2012
Speaker  : Dr. Md Zakir Hossain Sarker
Dr. Murtaza Khair
Topic       : Newer Procedure in Respiratory Medicine
Venue     : Xinxian Chinese Restaurant
9th CME
Date        : 13th September, 2012
Speaker   : Prof Mohammad Omar Faruq
Topic       : Implementation of Sepsis Bundles in ICUs of Bangladesh: Lesson for us
Venue     : Central Hospital Conference Room
10th CME
Date        : 18th February, 2015
Speaker  : Prof Ayesha Mannan Sikder
Dr Mohammad H Zaman
Dr Tasbirul Islam
Topic      : Pulmonary Embolism: recent updates
Septic Shock
ICU sedation
Venue    : Chillis’ Restaurant, Dhanmondi



BSCCM organized Training Workshop on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT). About 30 renowned Intensivists & Nephrologists from Dhaka city participated in this workshop. Dr Bill Zhu Hong Ming from China was the Instructor of this workshop which were held in Dept of Critical Care Medicine of BIRDEM Hospital on 26th, 27th & 29th March, 2011 in collaboration with B.Braun. Participants were certified after successful completion of the worshop.

Regional Scientific Conferences

1st Regional Scientific Conference was held in Medical Education Unit of Chittagong Medical College Hospital on 26th May, 2011. Following speakers presented in the conference:

1. Prof. Mohammad Omar Faruq→ Critical Care Medicine in Bangladesh: Evolution & Challenges
2. Prof. U H Shahera Khatun→ Optimizing Antimicrobial Therapy in Critical Care
3. Dr. Mirza Nazimuddin→ Non-Invasive Ventilation in Critical Care Setting
4. Dr. Asif Mujtaba Mahmud→ Management of Acute Airway Diseases
5. Dr. Fatema Ahmed→ Update in CPR: What 2010 Guideline Says



2nd Regional Conference of the society was held in 10th Dec. 2011 in Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College in collaboration with Medicine Department, SOMC. Following speakers presented there:

1. Prof. Mohammad Omar Faruq → Critical Care Medicine – Evolution & Challenges
2. Dr. Md. Sayedul Islam → ARDS – a Critical Care approach
3. Dr. ARM Nooruzzaman → Selection of Antibiotics in ICU
4. Dr. Kaniz Fatema → Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis (SLED) – a new approach in Renal Replacement therapy in Critically Ill Patients
5. Dr. Sheikh AHM Mesbahul Islam → Management of Life-Threatening Asthma in Adults
6. Dr. Sabyasachi Roy → Proper Utilization of ICU beds


International Seminar on Critical Care & Pulmonology & Workshop on Mechanical Ventilation & Bronchoscopy

Date        :  16th & 19th February, 2012
Venue     :  Seminar in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU)
Bronchoscopy Workshop in ICU, BIRDEM General Hospital
Mechanical Ventilation workshop in ICU, Square Hospital
Speakers : Dr. Ayesha Mannan Sikder, Kentucky, USA
Dr. Tasbirul Islam, Wisconsin, USA
Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, Florida, USA
Organized by: Bangladesh Society of Critical Care Medicine (BSCCM) & Pulmonary & Critical Care group of BMA North America (BMANA) in collaboration with Dept. of Respiratory Medicine, BSMMU & Bangladesh Lung Foundation (BLF)